Business & Commercial Lighting Specialists

Our extensive retail lighting experience allows us to provide quality lighting solutions for every application. We can also provide lighting design to conform with current BCA legislation including certification in accordance with BCA Section J6.2. Our lighting services include:

Exit & Emergency Lighting
Proton Electric is FPAS accredited. This allows us to offer our clients a design and construct package for their emergency lighting needs. We can also carry out testing and repairs on existing emergency lighting systems and certify the works once complete.
Lighting Installations
With our connections to Trend Lighting, Proton has the unique ability to offer a concept to construction service. We can design and certify a lighting package to comply with all BCA requirements. We also have experience working with a range of lighting control systems (CBus, Dynalite, KNX etc).
Lighting Upgrades
Trend Lighting has a range of lights specifically designed to directly replace common household and retail fittings. The also have an in-house production team in Sydney, which can manufacture an even greater range of fittings. Meaning Proton can offer LED Lighting upgrade solutions and an affordable cost.
Lighting Design

Proton Electric is in a unique position to offer a complete design and construct lighting package for all manner of Projects. Drawing on the wealth of experience from the design team at Trend Lighting, we can offer bespoke lighting solutions to meet your needs.

Proton in conjunction with Trend Lighting are happy to provide consultation and guidance to our clients on lighting solutions. We are happy to meet on site or in Trends purpose built showroom and offer suggestions on design aspects of an installation. Due to our ability to certify for BCA compliance, it negates the need and extra cost of a third party architect or engineer.